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Rhubarb (Rheum rhaponticum)
Stalks make delicious pies, sauce and jam!

We propagate our rhubarb from divisions which are made by dividing a crown with a knife. Ship Spring Only. 

How To Store Divisions Upon Arrival:

  Same as peonies and other bulbs. Cool dry place. Do not moisten roots. Put dry sawdust in bin. Plants have short shelf life.
What Type Of Soil:
  Rhubarb grow in acid, alkaline, sandy, clay or any type of black soil. If potting, use any type of potting soil.
How To Plant:
  Dig a hole as deep as the division. Place division in the hole with buds facing up. Buds should be 1" below ground level. If fall planted, put a mound of soil about 6" to 8" on top of division. This will keep the plant from heaving out in the spring. Plant 2 feet apart.
When To Plant:
  Rhubarb is a cool weather growing plant - plant as early as possible in Spring.
Where To Plant:
  On edge of vegetable garden, in foundation plantings, border plantings. Will only grow 24" tall the second year.

Ships Spring Only

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 Red Rhubarb
(Rheum rhaponticum)
Red Rhubarb
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